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Nicely done.

I liked it :) just a few spots where the animation was a little skippy. 9/10

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Doesnt work

Looks like it might have been a fun game... if it worked. ill rate it a 3/10 for effort :)

Says wrong login data whenever i start up. made an account and it didnt work. logging in as a guest didnt work either.

good job!

sure it may be simple, but hey, you managed to turn something simple into something that can entertain for hours, and let me tell you: that takes serious talent.

I like the techno sort of music, and it compliments the game by being bouncy, making you feel more upbeat while you jump around playing this game.

I just have to say, i give this a 9. just because of small things, that make it less simple, like a backround, different changes in the game here and there as you progress, and things like that, but i still think you did a wonderful job. i understand i am a harsh judger, so a 9 from me is awesome, dude. keep on workin hard, and im sure you will become one of the more famous uploaders on newgrounds. :D



Good concept, and i like the idea that you used real art, Although, i have to say this is probably the most challenging spot the difference game i have ever played, and that isnt a good thing. sure it should be challenging enough, but it has such small details and such a wide range of area that it is almost impossible to find all of the corrections on the painting. also, im not so sure im a big fan of all the advertising that is going on from painting to painting such as, "buy this for 750$" etc. anyways, i say it was a fair game, but not great. 5/10

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Very Sims 3 esque. I like it!

LloydeSorrow responds:

Thank you! :3

Some solid advice, don't use default drum kits. It sounds like one of FL studio's defaults. People will think of you as amateur and look down upon you because you're using defaults. Make yourself stand out by breaking from the group that uses just what the software gives them originally.

Your drum kit is way too quiet. Get some more bass in there and bump up the volume of the kit.

Look up how to sidechain, it will make your music sound a lot better and pump more.

If you need any help, drop me a PM. I've used FL for the past 3+ years and know how to work my way around it.

cobra0528 responds:

It was the default, but I tweaked it quite a bit. It had the exact bass sound I wanted for this song. I pumped up the volume all the way, but it still wasn't enough. On top of that, it was substantially louder before I exported. I am an amateur, but I have also been working with the program for over 3 years. Thanks for the review, but you focused way too heavily on the bass. The bass wasn't my focus for this song. I just needed it to add some depth underneath the song.

Could use a lot of mastering to emphasize the beat. And it isn't really so much experimental as it is just straight up House music.

I've been using FL for about 3+ years now so if you need any help with anything then just let me know :)

I do like the low-frequency sub kicks though :D

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